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Geoflyer 3D Maps is GeoMind's leading technology for mobile devices. Currently, it's used for "GeoFlyer 3D Map US & Canada" and "GeoFlyer 3D Map Europe", the ultimate Apps for outdoors, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
GeoMind’s products range from 3D clients to dedicated GIS servers, from a complete suite for processing DEM and producing 3D interactive worlds to high-performance processing libraries


The gCARTA map is an original topographic map custom-made by GeoMind for hiking. It is based on the highly detailed National Elevation Dataset (NED) by USGS and the OpenStreetMap database, which is updated with the contributions of the OSM community


09/04/2018: GeoMind is involved in "TurfUp" project
17/02/2018: The new version of "GeoFlyer Europe" have been released on the Google Play Store
27/10/2017: The Android version of GeoFlyer Europe has been released on the Google Play Store
17/05/2017: The new versions of GeoFlyer North America and Europe have been released on the App Store